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1“看”    look看的动作/ see看的结果;  watch观察/observe为了研究进行的观察; Notice注意catch sight of看见/       stare好奇地看/ glare瞪着看
           Glance瞅见/glimpse瞥见       see a film  watch TV
2“说”  telll sth to sb.=tell sb sth告诉的内容   talk with sb about sth强调说话者之间的交流   Say sth诉说的内容  speak in English说的语言 whisper sth to sb 耳语        Inform sb of sth 通知某人某事  reason /talk/persuade sb into doing sth 说服某人做某事  Bargain讨价还价   chat聊天   repeat重复  explain解释  warn警告 remind提醒 Discuss 讨论debate辩论  figure 指出declare宣布 claim自称 mention 提起  admit 承认deny 否绝 describe描述 announce 公布 introduce 介绍complain抱怨
3“叫”  cry哭叫  call叫  shout大喊  scream尖叫  moan呻吟  sigh叹气 quarrel大吵 
4“问”  ask 询问 interview 采访 express表达  question审问
5“答”  answer回答  respond回应(用其他方式回应)  reply回复 
6 “听” listen to听的动作  hear听的结果  pick up收听  overhear无意听到
7“写”  dictate听写  write sth 写 describe描写  drop a line 写信 draw画 
take down/write down写下,记下
8“拿/放” take拿走  bring拿来  hold举着  carry扛,挑 (无方向性) fetch拿来拿去  lift举  Put放 lay 铺/放置  pull拉/push推
9“抓”   take hold of 抓着 seize紧抓  grasp 握住  scratch 抠
10“打” hit一次性的打击  beat不间断的打击  strike突然的击打/突然想到  blow吹刮 
11“扔” throw扔  drop掉 放弃 错过 fall 倒下无意掉下来 wave 招手 shake摇
12“送” send寄送  deliver递送  give给  offer 主动给予 see off给某人送行
13“摸/抱” touch摸 /fold折叠   /embrace拥抱 / hug抱/hold 握    in one’s arms
14“踢/碰” kick踢/knock敲/ tip 轻敲
15“行”  walk  run  climb  jump  skip 单腿跳 slip溜 come/go  enter进入 move搬迁 drive开车 ride 骑fly    crawl 匍匐前进
16“坐”  sit down  be seated  seat oneself  take a seat/ stand站,耸立/ lean斜靠
17“睡/休息” lie /on one’s back/ on one side/ on one’s stomach  stay in bed  have a rest      take a nap打盹  be asleep  bend  turn over翻身  rest
18“笑” smile 微笑(不出声)  laugh  burst into laughter  burst out laughing  
19“哭”  cry  shed tears 留泪  weep呜咽地哭  sob抽泣  burst into tears  /burst out crying
20“找/查” find找到  look for正在找过程  find out查明  discover/explore 发现/探索
  hunt for  search for  seek  / seek for     in search of寻找   Search sb 搜身   search sp. for sth 为某物而搜寻某地
        Check检查,核实  examine 考察发现问题/体检 test检测,检验  inspect视察
21“穿”   put on 动作 wear穿戴 have on试穿  be dressed in 穿的状态 make-up化装
get changed换衣服  be in red    Take off  脱 remove 去除
22“吃/喝” eat/drink  sip吮吸  have a meal  have supper  toast  taste
 treat sb to请某人吃    help oneself to 随便吃
23“得”  get  obtain  acquire获得知识和技能  gain  possess
24“失”  lose 丢了 be lost  /be missing人错过失踪,不见  gone不见(物)   great loss   die   die off相继死去   die away 逐渐消失
25“有”  have   有  own是自己的  conquer征服  occupy占有=possess   
26“无” nothing left    the remaining thing    disappear   be  missing /gone
27“增/减”    rise / go up /drop                  
人主动抬价  raise /bring down /reduce  increase/decrease
28“买/卖” buy  purchase  afford  pay   pay off  pay for  sell  on sale  bargain
        Bill /   cheque /   cash/  credit card  notes/ coins  discounts
29“存在/消失”come into being  exist  appear  survive   live  show  turn up
               Disappear die   die out   pass away  be out of sight
30“变化” develop  improve  become  grow   go+ bad /wrong/ sour /without( negative adj.) turn + colour  change /change into    reform
31“认识的过程”feel  sense  guess  suppose  wonder  doubt  know /learn realize
Understand   remember   be familiar with   recall  recite  apply  to
32“成功/失败”make it  succeed  make progress  come true  realize one’s dream  win
             Lose   fail to do   failure  defeat  suffer loss beat  turn sth. Into reality
33“努力” try /manage  make efforts  attempt  do ones best  do as much as one can to do
34祝贺  congratulations on sb  celebrate  observe 庆祝 get together 聚会
35赞美/批评 praise  think highly of /   blame sb for sth/ sb is to blame   
criticize /scold sb. for sth.   have a low opinion of sb     Speak ill of
36喜/恶  like  love  be fond of  be keen on  be crazy about  adore  be into  prefer enjoy  in favor of    Dislike   hate  be  awful/disgusting    ignore  turn off
37判断  think  believe  consider  find  feel  conclude  infer  doubt
38到达 arrive at   reach   return to   get to   stay in sp   visit   leave  leave for 
on one’s way to   upon one’s arrival  on doing sth
39受伤 hurt  injured  wound  cut  kill  drown  bleed  get burnt  suffer from
suffer a loss
40损坏 damage  destroy  ruin  break down   be broken  crash
41修复  repair  rebuild  restore  fix     recover oneself
42支持/反对 agree  disagree  accept  receive   refuse  turn down
 be against  elect   vote for/ against
43 做饭  cook  wash  cut  chop  boil  fry  steam  make  mix  clean  brush  cover uncover  cooker
44 建议 advise  suggest  recommend  urge  propose  demand      persuade 说服
45 花费  sth/doing sth+cost   sb+spend+ in doing sth   Sb+afford +n/to do sth 
It +take some time/ money/energy +to do sth    sb+ pay+$ for sth.  at one’s expense
46 省/存钱  save /save up  set aside  put  away   spare no effort/ time 
47 参加  take part in    join /join in    attend  compete in/ for/against
48控告 accuse sb. of     charge sb. With  
49 救治 help /help out   save /rescue sb from sth.  Treat过程 / cure 结果sb. Of sth
      Aid sb in doing sth / to do sth  help sb with sth  assist sb in doing sth
50敬佩 admire  respect  show respect for/to  adore  envy /be jealousy  in honor of
51逃避   ran away   escape from   flee  hide
52 阻止/禁止 prevent / keep/ stop sb. From doing sth   forbid doing sth.  Ban  prohibit
53 对付/处理 handle / do with / deal with /tackle /overcome sth    solve  settle
54 效仿   copy  imitate  learn from  learn
54 爆发/发生  come about  happen to  take place  break out 
burst out  go off  explosion
55安装/装备     fasten  fix  set  equip  
be armed with 用什么武装  be equipped with装备有
56 追求 pursuit  ran after  seek after  chase  catch up with赶上  keep up with跟上
57 想/考虑 think of 考虑/+as把什么看成 think about想起  consider 
think over仔细考虑  be concerned 担心  be  considerate  towards sb.
58 打算  plan / intend / design to do  be going to do /be about to do /will do
59 似乎/好象  seem  appear look like  as if  as though
60 开办/关闭 open  start  set up  close/close up  end  close down 高考完型填空常用动词总结:的相关文章

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