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Section A

1. M: I am so sick of calling the ticket office. The line is always busy.

W: Why don’t you order through the internet?

Q: What does the woman suggest the man do?

2. W: What was the best moment of the race for you?

M: Oh, when I got to the finishing line, definitely!

Q: What kind of person is probably the man?

3. W: I like to mail this packet special delivery. Can it arrive within 2 days?

M: Sure, no problem.

Q: Where does the conversation probably take place?

4. W: My brother is thinking of eating out with us Saturday night. Any suggestion?

M: It is up to you. I don’t know the restaurants around here that well.

Q: What does the man mean?

5. W: The floor is awfully wet. What happened?

M: The moment I got into the shower, the phone rang.

Q: What does the man imply?

6. M: I’m going to a party at Caro’s house.

W: You can’t be serious. We’ve got two tests __?__ school tomorrow.

Q: How does the woman feel about the man’s idea?

7. W: Where shall we go today then?

M: Shall we try the Well Garden, recommended in the leaflet?

Q: Where will the two speakers do next?

8. M: I have come to repair your door bell.

W: You should have come earlier. I’m just going out!

Q: What does the woman imply?

9. M: It has been pouring for days now.

W: Tomorrow it’s my day at the beach. I will just have to forget about it if it doesn’t clear up.

Q: What does the woman imply?

10. W: When I’m playing the piano, I don’t worry about anything. How about you?

M: I go to the gym every day. It helps me deal with the stress.

Q: What are the two speakers talking about?

Section B:

Question 11—13

When I was 12, my parents moved down London to a small village of oxford. I was the only  Asian girl in my school. And I suddenly felt a bit lonely. Luckily, I had a brilliant art teacher who encouraged me to an art college. However, on the day of my college interview in Beff, I woke up late. I left the house wearing two art shoes and didn’t notice that my bottle of chocolate milk had put all over all over the paining in my bag. Then when I got to the station, I got on the wrong train. Who knows if I had gone to Baff that day, I had become a professional artist. But I went to Swenton instead. I told the woman next to me on the train about what had happened, and she said and cried with laughter. It turned out she was the producer of Committee Program on the radio. To cut long stories short, I got to the station a week later to attend an interview for the show. And the result just as they say is interesting. I’m very lucky, my life has been full of happy accidents. Now I’m a charge of a very popular TV comity program.

Q 11: Why did the speaker feel lonely in her new school?

Q12: Where did the speaker plan to go for her college?

Q13: What incident has changed her fate?

Questions 14—16 are based on the following speech.

Today I would make a speech on zoos. Many people think zoos are cruel and had no place in the modern world. It is my own opinion that zoos, although not perfect, do have a useful function. Firstly, Zoos are places of education. Zoos can help children to appreciate nature. Furthermore, research into animal behavior, is done in zoos and has increased the knowledge of zoology, genetics and even psychology. Above all, zoos can protect future of many species. Many species today are in danger of extinction. Thanks to zoos they have chances of survival. Opponents of zoos say they are cruel. First of all, they argue zoos can not create the environment with which animals live and because of these animals are bored with it in the priest, Secondly, animals have frequently contacted with human visitors which can be stressful. However in my opinion, most zoos have improved recently. It is now quite rare to see animals in cages and most zoos recreate the environment in which different animals live. In conclusion, although zoos are not perfect environment for animals, I believe that they have more advantages than disadvantages. In an ideal world, zoos would not be necessary. But as long as man hunt animals for profit and destroy the environment, zoos are essential.

Q14: What is the most important function of zoos according to the speaker?

Q15: Why are some people against zoos?

Q16: What does the speaker think of zoos?

Section C

Directions: In Section C, you will bear two longer conversations. The conversations will be read twice. After you hear each conversation, you are required to fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard. Write your answers on your answer sheet.

Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation.

W: Good morning. I’d like to rent a family car, please.

M: Yes, Madam, for how long?

W: Mmm, fourteen days.

M: Where do you want to leave the car?

W: Can I leave it at the downtown office?

M: Sure. May I see your drive licence?

W: I have an international licence.

M: Fine. Thank you. Now, do you want a personal accident insurance?

W: Yes, please.

M: Right. Can you sign your name here?

W: Here I’ll go.

M: How do you want to pay? Cash, please.

Blanks 21 through 24 arc based on the following conversation.

M: In England today, are schools mixed or single sex?

W: Well, there are both. 50 years ago, all school used to be single sex. I mean girls only or boys only. Then in the 1970s many schools changed and became mixed.

M: Do parents still prefer mixed schools?

W: No. Things have changed. Today many parents, especially parents of girls, think that their children get a better education in single sex school.

M: Why do girls do better in single sex schools?

W: Because girls learn to be more self-confidant and less worried about their appearance.

M: What about boys?(www.nmet168.com)

W: Well, today many parents of boys want to send them to mixed schools. They think the girl would be a part of influence of some boys.

M: So generally speaking, who does better in mixed schools?

W: Oh, the girls. They get better exam results than the boys.



历年状元推荐的:英语倒装句练习题及答案 1. I finally got the job I dreamed about. Never in my life _____ so happy.(NMET2000) A. did I feel B. I felt C. I had felt D. had I felt 2. Not a single song ____ at yesterday’s party.(2000年上海)


1.否定意义的副词或短语放在句首,句子半倒装。这样的副词主要有:little, seldom, hardly, rarely, scarcely, never, not at all, by no means(决不), at no time(在任何时候都不),nowhere, in no case (无论如何都不);not in the least (=not at all)

英语倒装句型 :完全倒装使用方法

完全倒装句型 英语中的倒装句型是一种语法手段,用于表示一定的句子结构或强调某一句子成分。倒装句有两种:完全倒装和部分倒装。所谓完全倒装:就是将谓语动词置于主语前。完全倒装一般具有以下两个条件:①谓语动词是单个(即不带情态动词、助动词或be)的不


高考语文易错成语字形 刻(克)苦耐劳 无礼谩(漫)骂 富丽堂皇(黄) 当仁(人)不让 张皇(慌)失措 坑(吭)害好人 风靡(糜)一时 望风披靡(糜) 人参鹿茸(葺) 厉(励)行节约 前仆(扑)后继 不辨菽(黍)麦 火中取栗(粟) 风尘仆仆(扑) 事过境(景)迁 向隅(偶)而泣 招摇撞(装)


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