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Thank you, ever had given me love(谢谢你,曾给过我爱情)

Outside the window, rain is falling ceaselessly, drip to with a tick answer, shallow blue glass sails upstream mark crisscross. The sky is plumbic color, some hair are grey. Rain is misty eye shot, person, tree, driveway, resembling is just apply colours to a drawing opens the canvas that go.

Listening to the pitter-patter outside the window, look at little your room, just detect at the outset smallish room, little you swing for nothing so actually, connect the temperature in house such also iciness!

Love is very painful, very painful really, those memory bite bite readily to wear readily like small insect every minutes of every second that I come down for nothing. Say again good also forget via living, again sadness also has not resisted time. I also try to make time diluent I am missed to yours, but missed you to had become a kind of custom, resemble breath.

Before a month today, you say to me: We do not suit, wanted me to forget you! Look at the your so relaxed word that says the move is so cruel, was about achingly to choke, return a smile to pretend to be relaxed come to an agreement or understanding however! Look at you to go gradually gradually far form, I think forereach goes more, holding you in the arms closely, say to you: I do not want us to part, because I love you very much really! But, I do not have courage really, I am afraid of me persuade to stay meeting by your merciless rejection, I do not want to connect me before you only a bit self-respect of remnant also was lost!

If, depart is us between only final result, so, it is warm that I aux would rather after letting you be in, remember to be to laughing when me, I am forever in the memory that I think to stay in you is good, my smile, my free and easy, also do not wish to let you be in when remembering me, be be fed up with is harm!

I think, everybody should have in life in that way a person, whenever remember he will want to cry, can feel sad to mix regretful.

Even if the past is very long very long, want to see him only, still can burst into tears.

Love always makes my expectation too much, from look attentively at aloof think systemic a person's mind to have angle, make me tired out. Pester with its tear off ache, as far read a smile, embrace simply, hereto. At least, in memory we once were happy happiness!

The time ability that perhaps some people want to use lifetime really forgets. Those are hit in inmost brand, have nothing to do whether does he love you. Perhaps, I this cannot wish in earnest all one's life you and happiness of a certain girl, but my unfeignedly hopes you are OK well off. True.

Thank you, ever had given me a love that remember to the end of one's life, I believe, that meeting is the memory that I won't forget all one's life.













爱情类意象(用以表达爱恋、相思之情) 1. 红豆。传说古代一位女子,因丈夫死在边疆,哭于树下而死,化为红豆,于是红豆又称“相思子”,常用以象征爱情或相思。如王维《相思》诗:“红豆生南国,春来发几枝。愿君多采撷,此物最相思。”诗人借生于南国的红

1℃ love 一摄氏度的爱情

1℃ love 一度的爱情 In an cold winter,a couple had to move out from the luxury villa because of bankruptcy.The husband worked day and night to support the family but with no care of his wife.So she thought,"he doesn't love me any more,he j


古代爱情诗的鉴赏指南 爱情诗是以爱情(包括悼亡)为题材的诗,也称“情歌”“闺怨诗”。 主要描写男女爱慕之情和爱情生活,或抒发离别相思之情。爱情诗自《诗经》起,源远流长。宋代以前,我国爱情诗的创作,出现过比较集中的三次高潮,即:先秦的《诗经》


关于爱情的诗歌名句 1.窈窕淑女,君子好逑。(《诗经·关


爱情诗常见意象 1、燕子:喜欢成双成对,因此为古人所青昧,照常出现在古诗词中,可表现爱情的美好,传达思念情人之切,渴望比翼双飞,成为爱情的象征。如,“燕尔新婚,如兄如弟”(《诗经·谷风》),“东飞伯劳西飞燕,黄姑织女时相见”(萧衍《东飞伯劳


11、连理枝、并蒂莲,合欢:忠贞不渝的 爱情 的象征。如,“叶底忽连花并蒂,折归朋下乞郎看”(陈元晋《采莲》),“相思树上双栖翼,连理枝头井蒂花”(石孝友《鹧鸪天》),“上舞双栖鸟,中秀合欢枝”(卢照邻《望宅中树有所思》)。 12、蚕丝:与“思”

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