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Thank you to had taken my life(谢谢你们走过我的人生)

I say I meet a person be brought up slowly, but it is cowardly that I return one face about fall next tears. Not be I lie, just I am unaccustomed still. Excuse me to cannot realize a promise immediately, say like you, time is the best plaster that treats cut, I can be used to the day that does not have you slowly.

You say in classmate collection, my sunshine broke up your haze, cheat me, right incorrect! Since be being known from us, it is you give me too much protection all the time. You call me to often do not watch TV, remind me to learn seriously. Although I break my promise for many times, you just also pretend to pay no attention to me. Me what sit at the back of you, attend class to always love to play your garment cap, you just also laugh and pass. I what write down idly in those days often am late, often be punished to sweep the floor by the teacher. When my birthday, you send me alarm clock of a mickey mouse, the edge pulls my corners of the mouth to say, see you later still what reason is late. My show the whites of eyes, ran. I run to the place that does not have a person to cry, you always are so good to me. I am seldom after passing was late. Although alarm clock is in,lie between year bad, I also was not bought again new. First 2 divide into classes, I can no more sit at the back of you. I fear to be apart from defection diluent our friendship, you are so outstanding all the time, of the friend you can forget me. But you are opposite as always however I. Although we do not have good-bye face now, it is good to mine that I still remember you, you send my child, still have a word, I meet what cherish well.

Small maple, resemble a teacher same. To my illness defect, it is entirely grants to criticize continuously. Say to get me for many times genuflect of within an inch of repents before Budda. Also thanks to have her, let me no longer blind conceit. If what grief tells her, she also heroic spirit pats shoulder, say I hold out you, touch my tear. Also do not look down upon her nevertheless, if do not take care to offend wool she, that can eternal life aeon sings loudly ” of “ regret having done sth in hell.

Shan Shan, actually you just are the friend that takes me seriously most. You are accompanied silently all the time beside me. I say I like to promise bottle, star. You say to send me replete of 1001 star promise bottle makes birthday present. You also like star very much, those 1001 star, be a few years of your study fold, you sent me them however. You can get online to check libretto to me, copy note to me. Maths is my weak sports, you can manage to find time teach me mathematical subject. But my stupid head melon still lets you be enraged the tooth is crawlily. I remember you ever saying to my evaluation, I am can cry before the friend only kill, hide next from the back the craven that go. I look at that time, laugh so that my tear pours out of. Nevertheless you say rightly, I can get your protection only, oneself never had taken pleasure to you however. I am a craven! I also think implementation teacher says, who and who can be in junior high school is the same as 3 years desk, have the person of the predestined relationship most namely. Regrettablly, I cannot accompany you to arrive finally.

I already separated one party each with you now, have the dribs and drabs that pass, I also had not forgotten momently. Thank you to had taken my life, perhaps you can forget me slowly, but I am met forever your engrave! Dear friend, can encounter you, it is me all one's life happy.







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