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Pluvial tear affection dies young, be in in the rain that pu

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Pluvial tear affection dies young, be in in the rain that pull a hand human society(雨泪情殇,牵手雨中在红尘)

Continous rain tangles empty, drip-drop incomplete brim, grow in succession, bead bead buckle.

Lithe and graceful rain situation is like detailed like silk, boundless in, if Roujing is depended on, at great length, disappear in the depth of cloud and mist. Icy pluvial silk waves in the sky, the cloud is black rain of Qing Xi desire, water Dan Dan unripe smoke. Alone rain bead fall on the ground, if embellish of weather market spit is crisp, careless lubricious Yao looks to be not had however nearly. Poke pluvial shade, aerial scene is like smoke to be like the cloud, the lingering that diffuses in mind adds …… of a few minutes of lose in pluvial situation intermediate frequency

Heart seeing rain sighs, and lack of power ground body is buried greatly in lonesome long night, be in distressed lovesickness tear unmanned corner, the mood of messy angst, copy is like the unbroken and ceaseless drizzle outside the window. Tick ” of the “ below eave keeps drip-drop, be about to break in succession, the sadness that seems a crazy person is seen clearly, tired out body already was 1000 sore 100 aperture. Wind of the afraid outside the window whizs, the evening that the sky resounds through on maple bridge is sung by wind blow more more far, wind, only alone stroke does not go crazy person anxious colour on precipitated the lovesickness tear of chiliad. The branches and leaves on the tree is shed thorough the drip-drop of chiliad is pressed bent frail trunk, see the branches and leaves that sways in that harships, give out fine the groan that is like hairspring, bei sorrows and beautiful. The dark night that misty rain envelops, inky be like Chinese ink, the heart with depressed like my lovesickness be swayed by considerations of gain and loss copy.

Sadness is in such dirty night, have at be in hesitation the dream spends Sang Tian, the crossing of the labyrinth, asperse the footprint of full loafer loneliness. Affairs of human life if this, bead tear is like rain, black clothes waves, allow harships pushs me to brimless abyss. Anxious cloud covers my face, the complex in the heart, filar silk if repeatedly, as if the pluvial silk that becomes ten million drenchs me all over fully, the thinking with not clear reason, pester body like random hemp, manacle me closely in unmanned and witting corner, must choke my ligature, pessimistic! In love river hard look for Gong Fan, the effort that the innumerable trials and hardships gives, difficult however Cheng Zhengguo, flimsy heart bank already was in rain cave in, the fleshy body of delicate in health how vigorously ground assaults withstand tempest, in love in surrounding, all struggling is so pale!

Rain, dismiss me little bridge deep and remote alley, below act of one shade rain, wind the worry furl me, my silent stands for a long while in rain, see rain silently, listen to rain attentively, the scene in wet meaning has some of chilly beauty, misty rain jackknife is on the beautiful diameter of a faint fragrance, drizzly green clothes diffuses between Qingchuan, the sort of charm causes sincere feeling of hold up person. The rain that sucks this refreshing greatly is sweet, achromatic lasting appeal, make see pluvial person, frequency adds a few minutes of sadness, the shock in desolate gallops the heart that does not cease, the eddy that a be involved in of a ground loves!

Stick the face on the glazing that splashs full ice Leng Yuzhu closely, incline the head listen respectfully, the rain outside the window, plaintive, the anxious that is through the ages then is sung, be unable to bear or endure in the heart smooth add how much ineffable bosom injury. When the metempsychosis of preexistence, the kink in rain is become thick and the sincere feeling that does not change, those unfriended affection, it is in rain facile and graceful, thereafter, fall to go up in green mud, aeriform shadow, along the end of human society, move toward the other shore of love, search the clothes of the dream.

In life Yu Yu, die withers to the word of mortals in 10 thousand lis, to the persistence of love, it is the feelings that pluvial tear ankyloses. In the heart, experience the lingering in rain, a rain just is like painful leave die young deeply. So confirmed love, below the rinse of harships, actually indestructible, heart rain can fall make public in expectant passion!

Swirling rain, embellish is breathed, wringing wave the affection in wind silk, crying out two long-unseen hearts, at aeriform complex in wild cross Jiang Huai, be to already was destined of our preexistence this life do not leave do not abandon? Is or hasty one other from die young? Amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds at a Xia Hui in, mirrorring your ray from beginning to end, love you, because of you, I had become rich, in the world, be loved to have, the sort of satisfaction is everything has not been compared. Without you, I become very poor, in the world, little your left and right sides, I think I do not have even what value! My love to you as always!

Tender rain, string together the sincere feeling in my heart into achromatic melancholy, the drippy rain below eave bead, splash the heart lake in my hush to go up, the circuit since extensive encircles affective dimple. The pluvial silk with ceaseless embroil, be like the smoke gauze of transparent softness, wrap around to go up in Chinese parasol tree, if the dream is attractive like unreal, fetching daydream is boundless, let a person uncontrollably sadness and even nostalgic. The flexible language of the intoxicate in preexistence dream, dimly pleasant to hear, now, the fanaticism that does not restrain throbs, below insurgent passion, with loud and jarring breath interweave, make me be immersed in infinite illusion.

Smoke shade, pull open in pluvial situation, put eye to look, in drizzly picture, in human society, that engraves dazzling bright phearl, inviting ray is given out in the one aspect of the matter of skyline, my abide is worn the quiet means of the dream steps, be about to pull red sleeve Yu Huai, go attentively fondly! Sigh only, human society 1000 Zhu Qiang, separate jade favor man.

The tear is filled with eye, the garment is footy, affection of Leng Yu general is pulled open along 2 words, wind affection filar clipping, without the love of regret, already evolved into the dense disease that does not heal, it is crazy in loving, suffer time and again achieve accumulative injury! The love that remember to the end of one's life is buried in the depth of the heart, till uncultivated land of day old land the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, my heart as before ……

Brim rain if bead, wear fully icy, splash in eaves gutter, give out fine fine noise, fall on heartstrings, hold up favor is conceived. Get drunk in memory, the United States is tasting rain beautifully sweet, thinking a region of rivers and lakes in the dream. A tender feelings is perforative my heart bank, I spend a pace and come, the gay feminine attire of manage of charming woman manage that is me only! Lifted what jingle to ring all the time in dark night when wind bead shade, instant of 10 thousand lis of human society condenses to go up in a book unexpectedly, greet, tentacle photograph and, look up and down, fine in reading, seek the solution that is less than love from beginning to end! Filar silk is soft if do not have the continous rain of bone, still be in sky facile and graceful of ground of indulge in wilful persecution, resembling is love in what deduce a laden with sorrow with me, in lingering, the story is Bei cool.

My desire raises the extensive in the hand to wear the Qing Jian with threatening algidity, wave pluvial shop flag, poke smoother, overlook of look as far as one can, stand in leisurely of Yun Shuizhong center, man, iron bone clanks, be broken off by tender feelings however! Charming woman is longed for in forgetting food and sleep, you are containing smoke part according to water, shallow chant croon, that is built-in the beautiful image in the depth of misty rain, enter my dreamland continuously. Infatuate, some are greedy, allow my forgetting to return and cannot bear leave, the dream does not wake, let me be enmeshed in that momently, stay in the harbour of the dream forever!

Then me with idea paper, grind with the tear Chinese ink, fold the Lan Zhou with one leaf delicate exquisite, see cable gently, banish is enveloped in misty rain forget plain river mediumly to go up, hold the post of its to wave, the sincere feeling distant ship with the love that yields her to carrying my heavy and changeless chiliad. Love deeply to you, carry Man Lanzhou, forward the Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes with drizzly misty rain, forward in the dream 1000 breathe out the 10 thousand Yi that call out sail by person, let me wave berth the heart with whacked chiliad, anchor is in the dream a region of rivers and lakes, by the Yi person that is fastened in tender feelings to be like water.

Delimit when dazzling and dazzing lightning Guo Haohan's horizon, wear when Jing thunder nip deafening plangent billow and come, the heart that we have Ling Xi twice is worn in escape the dream mark before chiliad, escape is worn the covenant of old job, does the contrail that loves forward leap all the way? Pull a hand to go in rain, that is my two collective long-cherished wish!

















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