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The brook bends a turn to flow eastwards

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The brook bends a turn to flow eastwards(小河弯弯向东流)

Blue bricks ash is made of baked clay, greenery sets off one another, there is a crystal brook before the door, grow long country fairdyke to the bank leans on a body and pass, on high a block of wood or stone a few farmhouse, scan widely looks, be like the wash with a far Qing Dynasty. This, it is my birthplace.

Of wintry day afternoon, cold wind has combed the willow of brook Bian Shoulang, below return to one's native place of my have leisure small live a few days. Looking at the rustic landscape before, lift the childhood open interest of the can be found everywhere in memory, make ground of my for no reason unripe give some of distracted and sigh with regret to come unexpectedly.

The brook of birthplace is the Eden of our childhood times.

Every time rain during springtime is unbroken, teal neighs in succession cry the footstep that tells people spring is hasty. The drizzle like dust is stuck on the face, cool crisp crisp. A few the world come, the small grass on river slope is waved the extensive of downy is greenly by rain, went up like the shop carpet. Girls are contended for picked all sorts of wild flower, walk along alley to string together door, stay all the way a faint fragrance. Raise of heavy snow confused, we pile next gathering up in water burnt reed the fish wades shrimp, see hunter catch hare in snow ground brushwood, help sometimes chase intercept, say to forbid to also can get a reward a victorious army. Lively is to see ” of “ bride boat. The boat did not arrive, firecracker rings first, adult child emerges to bank, bow boat tip is sticking bright red paper, wrapping around of red lid head is a bride. We are chased after all the way, cry all the way. Think now, that word although have bit of common, also speak that to congratulate however with look forward to. Now and then the happy candy that gets boat upcast comes over, bury in the warm up in the pocket be willing to part with or use of a few talents eats. Allegedly, ate to grow quickly, in the future certainly can marry a stout young married woman.

Tian Gaoyun is weak, autumn wind rises suddenly. Mother chrysanthemum is red, yellow, slope adorns a violet river colourfully. Large ship boat is fully loaded with the fructification come-and-go of the bumper harvest to move back and forth, the man that drives a boat on from time to time growl a few paragraphs of example make fun of, sing shined whole autumn scenery. Gradually curtain of night arrives, in a paddy sweet frog cries in, we begin crab. Numerous star twinkles, nocturnal wind ripples, thatched cottage faces water to draw near slope, condole of a barn lantern follows wind rock on house bridge, smooth shadow grows suddenly ignore short. There is one lot lot to be fumed pitch-blackly by house, sending out the straw rope with powerful Jiao Xiang, wide mouth having a bowl, that is crab bait. Put its into the river, two sides is pulled. Busy cross all these, the 4 father of crab are carefree ground mount a bag of smoke, blaze is in inky nocturnal Li Yigong one dark. We lean sit beside, view and admire silently, each monkey is urgent, can hear crab to crawl on careless rope before long. Early morning shakes crab basket, a crab is fatheaded and big and fleshy. That time takes crab is common occurrence really.

Enter after summer, the pride of the morning is diffuse, fish like to swim in the idle between the aquatic of lush, bask in a shadow. Our hand hold gaff, one fork is pounded, the fresh fish of a Bai Liang struggles in forked head. Burning sun pawn, we mount lofty pagoda tree to cover cicada, lack the windmill mouth expect that sits in bail, fish shrimp have results definitely. A hole is dug on river slope, raise a boiler, two fire are burned, wild sweet tangy and come. Heat is frowsty extremely, hu Peng calls out friend to jump down water, sit on green flag dock, shrimp small fish is pecked gently between foot. The most interesting is to feel a mussel. Hou Jiali is poor in those days, feel a mussel to satisfy a craving for delicious food, the mother is concessionary. Fiery sun sits in everybody almost the top of head, 78 people of our a gang, pushing cask, along dock outward river is felt all the way. Sometimes in good luck, shrimp fish jump in the bucket. Come up against pearl mussel, need a few companions to swim to just can be taken. Encounter adjacent village associate, everybody returns meeting compare notes one time. Time come down, results quite abundant, on a block of wood or stone a few days of metropolises are waving the delicacy of river mussel is delicate. The people that busied one day, move piece of bamboo bench in the evening, sit to dike, shaking an old cattail leaf fan enjoys the cool. On old people pour one crock, face wine wind, place dragon door blast, each story is told so that our head extends so that often grow like duck neck, till lie in the mistily go off …… in maternal bosom

The brook of birthplace leaves us to never-failing is recollected and be pursued. A few years, a few care of childhood times are happy, a few yearning still be it seems that in the wave light of the brook ripple. The village ran a few plants nowadays, a block of wood or stone in the sky aerosol winds around, liquid waste gurgle flows drip, the brook is just as the screen covering with a black oil. People summer dare not issue a river, the winter cannot chase, child child people also cannot search endless fun from brook edge again. Modern life is full of competition, the people in the city feels depressed having a place and dull and lonely generally. Then everybody looks forward to to be able to go to countryside go angling, picnic, loosen completely come down, need not cloak, need not deal with, see blue sky white cloud, listen to little bridge running water, enjoy brimless countryside amorous feelings. However, that beautiful scenery also is following country every day however wind disappear corrode.

That day at night, I am dreamed of when the riverside that Na Rudai is like mattress, shaking a boat, gently, gently carefree eastwards, had waved birthplace turn bends glassy brook ……










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