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Maple bridge, still be over there

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Maple bridge, still be over there(枫桥,还在那里)

In a pitter-patter, my person comes to maple bridge.

Maple bridge still is over there. In the light yellow that just mottleds, a few more old.

Is maple bridge also met really old? Nobody replies, everybody takes respective route severally. Be like me in those days same, just drive in a hurry, do not have a there's still time to stay seriously. Also be like me in those days, blundering in it is to distain completely, distain in it is flighty completely, should have come only.

Today different, I am special of Lai Feng bridge. Over, I want to search in those days cursory, lose the memory in Wu Nong flexible language.

That day, seeming also was July. We a flock of people, it is the 2nd holiday of the university. I remember, be a high-spirited and vigorous then wander. Very hot that day, maple bridge is very hot also, by the side of the parapet that sits in maple bridge, becoming aware a suit is fretted. Be in fretted in, fail to think more, also dare not look more, just squeeze that one aspect of the matter of maple bridge from this one aspect of the matter of the bridge. As if in the heart have too much dissatisfaction sufficient, becoming aware is to driving a large part.

That day, as if feel water is very clear, remember me ever stepping down the stone stool of bridge edge, wash gently with the water in that canal the face of sunshine washed whiteness. Those who feel seep through of that water seep through is wet cross corners of the mouth, seem to have sweet. That day, who be like to did not mention Zhang Ji's poem, also nobody raises Zhang Ji, be afraid of is to forget. I and a lot of people are same, taking a kind to be not satisfied, go straight towards cold hill temple continuously and go, in haste, seem to also did not hear the ding of cold hill temple.

Answer eye in, I see a cat, of white, crouching the pen that takes in maple bridge. Wind is blown, small bell appearance.

Leave cold hill temple from that day, did not go again from now on. 20 years, although one is remained only in memory thin thin film, but still a yearning stays in mind. The feeling always has a few pride to be in, always a few is not abandon in, because I will cross maple bridge, I had come really.

Flash key point, went 20 years. It is an encounter only, we that group of people, that group of people of high-spirited and vigorous, install skyline each. Presumably, 20 years, everybody if I am same, those who pass is fast-moving, it is certain also to the sort of rushing about very painstaking very sweet. Did not see 20 years, the metropolis is experienced what appearance, do not have the courage to think really. Everybody had the child, had oneself home, hear very be able to pass. Be able to pass is good, life not with respect to these a few years? As long as can be able to pass, what do we still need.

20 years, they have been to maple bridge again certainly. Which meeting resembles me, fail 20 years to stop, dare not seek period of time static come down, review or trim these quiet shallow time. No matter they go, still did not go again, maple bridge still is over there. I want to tell them only, I had come after 20 years. In a wet, as it happens was the seventh evening of the seventh moon that day.

One friend phones me to say, seek a time, everybody gets together get together. After planning 20 years formerly, get together so. Everybody is very busy perhaps, wait a moment. After 20 years, be afraid of somebody to wait not to rise. I did not say a word, an acid in the heart. Still be waited a moment, wait for everybody to have time, we are to should get together. Otherwise, our true meeting is old.

Remember that word of the classmate, always have in the eye some wet. I do not have the courage to think if saying that day, also dare not see us 20 years behind again. I pray in the heart, after 20 years, we can be still living and in good health, regular meeting is well off very happy.

Bridge of this Lai Feng, it is ready. Want to be in relaxed in, search to belonged to oneself solace. By chance, catching up with rain, it is really good to have rain! Did not have blundering, also did not have Bacchic. That day, I see maple bridge, some are wet in the eye, maple bridge also is. Seem 20 years to did not see, becoming aware have blame is general kind. Sit in the place that has taken formerly, look maple bridge up and down. 20 years, always becoming aware what she has a kind of maturity to rise is beautiful, very quiet. I as if see Zhang Ji, drunk lie in the bosom in maple bridge, resemble a child how be asleep.

A person, hide in the rain of maple bridge, I did not feel alone, because my back has maple bridge. Below the bridge, yacht passes, rain floats to go up in water, a smoke. Far look, it is a natural wash. In those days, stand in bank, can see oneself sign, disappear however now, a little regretful really. Current is in too, have the urine smell taste of a few, delimit down wind come over. I suspect that is from blatant in drip a massiness that come out. Although, in rain, the canal was done not have clear, all these, also fail weak go I am right of maple bridge be in love with.

Rain still is in, the cat did not come however, I always have some of disappointment. 20 years ago, in maple bridge, I see a cat obviously. That cat, resemble Zhang Ji's poem more.

Regain maple bridge, I waited very long. The ding of the cold hill temple such as my rings again, I want to see the look that that ding runs along canal two sides. I wait for Zhang Ji, wait for Zhang Ji to still good poem writes maple bridge.

It is night, I live in maple bridge. That night does not have a month, also do not see the Milky Way, see tearful eyes one day only. Never think, cowboy elder brother and Girl Weaver elder sister, old couple, still so love of favour conjugal love. River two sides, lights one after another illumes, wu Nong flexible language and sound of musical instrument a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument blast come, the canal also immediately is lively rose, if tourist is knitted. The person in the rainbow that I do not know this town how, do not want to want a little while more quiet. Bar is a city a red lip, those who teasing numerous unit of distance is lively. Such night, make the time excessive variety that is maple bridge.

This wanting that hide in this in continuous rain, enjoy aunt well Su Tian is weak in halcyon. Do not think, the night here, unexpectedly so gorgeous scene of debauchery. Singing, lute sound, wave from the house of canal two sides, let me remember Tang Chao again.

Rain stopped, in noisy sound, also do not see Zhang Ji, be afraid of is drunk. I do not want to make him drunk, he is drunk, who still writes a poem to me.

After a confusion of voices is miscellaneous, maple bridge little slips into calm. In night, suddenly ding is transmitted, mixing Zhang Ji's poem goes in the dream toward you continuously. Outside aunt Su Cheng cold hill temple, midnight ding arrives passenger ship. In the dream, it is whose poem in chant Zhang Ji.

The following day, pass from maple bridge. Early morning, pluvial washed tentativelies of Su Zhen very beautiful, if that cat is much better in this!

Leave aunt Su Shi, I as if see that cat, on the baluster of maple bridge, look at me to laugh.

Preexistence, is it possible that I am that cat.

























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