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The fleeting time on road, whose person and in all?

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The fleeting time on road, whose person and in all?(陌上流年,谁人与共?)


Chill Changjiang Delta, it is “ month falls right now black caw frost is all over the sky of ” dreary and disconsolate, still be 6 flying enter “ door when, sit does bamboo of keep watch over the ripening crops change is the cold and cheerless of ” of branch fining jade lonesome?

You say Changjiang Delta snowed. That momently look, drag in is in distant horizon, the imagination wears what cover the world for nothing to be all over the sky Xue Wu, whether can you long for ages agoly moistly?

Austral city, still sunshine is bright. Besides now and then cold wave, had felt the shift that is less than season. Lofty banyan, as always blackish green, without the embark upon a political venture of do sth on a large scale, bald without the branch of make a clean sweep of sth leaf falls, withered and yellow without startling decline. Life, always sad silence ground changes, cling like law, green pass, become yellow, had come, went again. Went, in the season with certain dew thick thin flower, lonesome nightly, palpitant heart needle can rise to certain secretly to be like the groan that if not have,has.

Stand by column, the Hua Gongliu in the garden is green. “ spends likeness year old years old year after year, every years old of year old annual person is different. ” spends beautiful likeness, every years old of year old metempsychosis, is whose this life, whose preexistence is? The flower leaves have season, the flower falls sometimes, in Cheng Fang's charm, that is a kind of attaching that how to abandon is mixed hold to!

Still remember becoming the acquaintance first, you are in distant the other shore, postscript hill ford and come, rippling all the way the dimple of Jing Yue. I say I am a fish of deep sea mile, live in depressing sea floor, just now and then breathe freely fully to surface. And you, it is the passenger that goes sightseeing on the bank only, we just encounter accidentally, I have my whereaboutldirection, you have your date of return. You are laughing gentle and kindly, be like the warm this world of wintry day, in my abandon heart lake, asperse next warm breath.


Lean on Xuan Chuang gently, the sunshine of day seeing a winter a inch of one very little ground waves far. Wind passes from the end floating in the air of the tree. Touch the bosom that is less than you, all leaves are inclined enter hair, the look stroke that you show tender affection for crosses a face, finger sweeps hair tip gently, what light invade conceives is warm, it is an imagination eventually.

Control is holding the palm of the hand, still be icy.

So called preexistence because, this age predestined relationship. You say, preexistence an eye of 500 years, those who change is not certain be this life brush a shoulder and pass. But the destiny just lets our acquaintance know each other well, forget a satisfactory final result. Although I wish, this age makes the lotus with the one indefectible individual plant in your heart, night meets in nocturnal dream, also hate autumn water to grow a day, expend consider, nocturnal difficult Mian.

Where Xiao Yu of desolate of a few leaves, the wet flower that use up brim, the person end the flower is not had language. Hill of screen of attack by surprise, yu Luhan, who sees two eyebrow anxious gets together lean crisscross. Long for such pain, this life how just but break? Ask you, you not language.

The star that admires a head to hope to be all over the sky brightness, whether can have a tiny spot, can understand me to relapse instead answer hesitation, is what can you understand my desire language to still rest distressed? But the night with lonesome cold and cheerless, what only tear dip longs for fully is icy.

“ whose Fu Liujun lives? Sigh life, a few separation and reunion, become late evening. ” Na Lan this word, often be in my heart flounder is low time cannot oneself. Tender relapse, it is 5 years in an instant. A few does life still have 5 years? Days is in too, fleeting time already went, the time of lifetime, be in a few face about, a few wave a swiftly elapse like that, you become aged, head of my Yi Bai.

Want to put down do not put from beginning to end, want to forget eventually difficult also. One is missed, photograph of a long time is, love anxious enmity condition, precipitation is in bottom of the heart, lovesickness was not had period.
















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