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The lovesickness of Dan Rulian of that be in harmony

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The lovesickness of Dan Rulian of that be in harmony(那洽淡如莲的相思)

Collect a Gong Lian, ju barks Qing Quan, step all the way dusk song, accompanying sunset and smoke from kitchen chimneys, probably all one's life cannot calm, be in longing and the beauty that life experiences in awaiting, also be a kind of grace is exalted.

I graceful and restrained and come, be like green bamboo of one individual plant, experiencing seasonal vicissitudes of life, after that hard growth, stand still the blueness that one season season leaves in harships, when encountering you, hardships of a journey or of one's life been wavinging my season, you fell in love with my listless appearance however, from now on my world became much a care from anxious.

When the life lets me lose everything, the loneliness that I am feeling life and flimsy, sigh gently: Love is like blast, those who blow is such definitely absolutely, the kid travel thin film that I resemble a wrong path go in desolate place outside of town, come across your eye, my heart from now on quiet, you are calm my lose.

Are you that one Gong Lian of my mind? Because of me can when ability is picked in June, I did bout to collect lotus daughter for you, pull skirt horn gently, slip pond, carry gently 10 point to, lower one's head, coagulate eyebrow, smell your faint scent, in the drunk flower that enter lotus root, your sweet weak, be like natural and smooth writing, had overflowed my forehead, read my sadness gently, silent, I am experiencing you to blossom bonnily, write down brushstroke seawater to love sanded appreciation.

Drive one leaf canoe, wipe away tears over mist-covered water, for the scenery with attractive far, I go alone, forgot time can change everything, the meeting when light anxious pesters a body longs for that familiar city, still have those who let my bear in mind constantly you.

The flower of spring has a smile on his face open, all over the sky of Yang Hualiu garrulous is flying, set off is worn the hesitation that I bring a tear, did I wake in midnight? Who is sent in the show that strokes me gently? Lovesickness breaks spirit, be apart is in distant horizon, that your sea thinks when mood be worried, when to go again does the seaside pick up shellfish together? See wet ebb-tide go up together?

You came to my monsoon, bring me a pure and fresh sensation, also have a worry, condense once cut, I still open the flower that be defeated like, in the helpless withered when hardships of a journey or of one's life comes, are you in save my heartbreak? Make a dream that does not wake forever, it is this life only that momently encounter, made up for the associate with that I cannot forget.









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