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Everywhere waves to come however, everywhere waves to go how

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Everywhere waves to come however, everywhere waves to go however(随处飘然而来,随处飘然而去)

Setting sun sinks on the west, boundless and indistinct of water of day dark green. Setting sun edge. Numerous leaf falls, flying catkins waves. Bank of green jade water, the beautiful image of quiet and beautiful, look Qing Roubing is clear, handle gently of fine fine element is stroked precious jade musical instrument, thin lip is small open. Weak a far low song, diffuse like tassel. Be gone to dimly, feel relieved die already! Incomplete valve horsetail whisk, weep breathed, the worry with heavy how cannot fly if Bai Yun is euqally elegant high. Aloof and proud not group her sit quietly is in musical instrument bank, . Ren Feng gently insufflate comes, blow fall the annotation of every piece element on desk. The silver that scatters like day daughter is beautiful, along with fall red flutter in sky. Misty double eye, the overflow that follow wind becomes lightsome Shui Bo, downy settleclear clear, as if a beauty that overspreading a fine gauze annulus the dream of beautiful Huan.

Pupil instant is ineffable stop halt, the cloud and mist with hazy instant swarms into shade. The instant that beautiful laughs at, the dream broke, heartbreak in the laugh that …… understands her without the person implicit what kind of agonized and but. People feels only be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, knowing all resembling however is the leaf in wind, the most beautiful instant, it is the end of wither and fall however. Amorous is this human society, what do not have clear unluckily still is this same this mortal life. An elegy, desire behead breaks all sentiment predestined relationship, bear alone of adversity pester. Everything goes along with cloud drift shedding, he what include her. She is perfect in his heart, it is the virginnest goddess, not be lasting however. That very diligent, if Yang is in the woman in literal breath, to dismiss with a laugh of everythings on earth, light, shallow. It is good that the scroll flavour of the quietly elegant of quiet and beautiful that the whole body sends out lets her live very tiredly tired. If can choose, she auxes would rather become an ordinary and average woman, what do not care about oneself is helter-skelter, do not care about high self-respect, put down all going to that persuade that to stay to be about to lose the love in wind. But, she is not done. She cannot bear destroy all these, cannot bear those who let him witness him is helter-skelter, cannot bear parting, cannot bear wipe away tears, cannot bear leave the Xu Xurou affection in his eye. Belt do not go, do not put, once water edge strolls, once run in wind, once the depend on each other below the flower, once one act act is in …… of the twittering before the brook ripple in her Rou Bo, lake light is crystalline place, the in pairs that compare order makes fun of water.

But the word of mortals,be a what kind of dream! The branch on the flower, how falls beautiful season flower all goes, nowhere finds the end of the world. Once Yun Danyue is deep and remote, coagulate hand in hand eye, tender feelings photograph is made, had not supported the quest of wind eventually. Rambling dream ground, all dreams do not know when to entire sadly on.

In each loneliness not the night of Mian, can deny remember, whose appearance? Mo Shi not forgets, place love earnest is true, why to forget? Cannot forget Na Bing refuses coldly, “ lets go, I am blast, won't stop for anybody, everything ended. ” cannot forget autumn wind, deciduous leaf, of one street bleak and chilly. He never has the complex look that pass below dim streetlight, frozen double eye gobbles up him all tender feelings. She ases if heard his heart by lacerate sound, not, that is that sound. But she also looks at him frozenly, without the leeway that any persuading <> to stay. She understands to want her to persuade to stay only, he won't refuse absolutely, can be her cannot. A very short time of face about that, the stands in life crossing of spellbound lose one's head, awaiting, do not know the float that is anxiety of the storehouse in what kind of day in the next.

One paper is diagnosed, be so cannot of excuse oneself from one drunk, broke crazy crazy human society. The arena that will ring down the curtain eventually, in alone drama act, the heart in wind is such remove flying that fall again. Early the outcome that knows to fall, still can want to fly, even volant. Fly only, no matter fall,be how anguish, had loved, she already did not have regret. She will move toward darkness alone, be far from terrestrial fireworks, let life be lighted in silence.

If she is crazy if be enmeshed drunkly in precious jade in tweedle, do not know when wind stopped, everything disappears in wind, also did not stay. Only already the heart of broken up, still tremble in wind. Nobody can know door leaf of her heart of bruise painful thorough, become aware without the person those who give her is flimsy. Tibet removes tear, the most beautiful smile calm case is in wind. The dream …… that everything worldly already was a luxury to her is hoping the sky of cadaverous color is spellbound, the flower blossoms fall always sometimes, let all die that follow wind! Everywhere waves to come however, everywhere waves to go however. Beautiful shadow is in inclined sunshine in weaker and weaker, be attributed to finally become silent, everything disappears quietly before in her.








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